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Why the pursuit of health equity must include all immigrants

April 10, 2018
By Kendra Allen

The Consumer Health Foundation believes that immigration status is a social determinant of health. It determines the type of job you can have, where you will live, if you can drive and, ultimately, your access to healthcare. In addition, the US has a long history of exclusion and discrimination based on immigration status, which can

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Welcoming Temi F. Bennett as Director of Policy and Communication

March 12, 2018

Consumer Health Foundation is excited to announce that Temi F. Bennett, Esq., will join our foundation as director of policy and communication on March 13.

Temi will be responsible for engaging local governments in the DC metropolitan region in approaches to develop and implement racially equitable policies that enable communities of color to thrive.

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Racial equity: Not something you do

March 7, 2018
By Dr. Yanique Redwood

When I first joined the Consumer Health Foundation a little more than five years ago, our grantee partners would ask “How do you do racial equity?” To answer this question, CHF set out to help our partners operationalize a concept that we had been elevating since the foundation’s inception. This led to the development of a racial equity impact assessment (REIA) tool.

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