Data and Reports

The Consumer Health Foundation produces data and reports highlighting health equity, racial justice and economic justice issues. We also contribute to and share publications that highlight important shifts in the field of philanthropy and public health.

Report: Assessing Awareness About & Interest in Impact Investing in the DC Region

The Consumer Health Foundation believes that impact investing can be an important financial tool that foundations and philanthropies can use to support their missions, using endowment and/or program dollars. This report shares findings and recommendations gathered from interviews with 22 philanthropies and foundations in the DC region that are considering or actively engaging in impact investing.

Evaluation: Community Wealth Building Initiative

The Consumer Health Foundation, Community Foundation for the National Capital Region, and Community Clean Water Management Group commissioned an evaluation of the Community Wealth Building Initiative, a collaborative effort among local funders to launch and support green employee-owned businesses in the Washington, DC region. This report shares the lessons learned from this Initiative.

 Briefing Papers: Immigration Status as a Social Determinant of Health

The Consumer Health Foundation and our partners are presenting a series of briefing papers to explore this concept as it relates to health, hunger and poverty, and worker’s issues. We partnered with La Clinica del Pueblo to present this paper which focuses on health.

MoCo DHHS Equity InitiativeA Case Study: The Equity Initiative of Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services

The Consumer Health Foundation supported the equity work of the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services. This case study reflects on the process, results, and lessons learned from this initiative.

Other Data and Reports


Telling Our Own Story: The Role of Narrative in Racial Healing

A resource on the power of narrative to develop new and authentic stories of communities of color that account for the legacy of structural racism and its role in achieving systemic changes.

Community Listening Project

A report of the D.C. Consortium of Legal Services Providers on issues affecting low-income D.C. Residents.

EXHIBITION (6)Washington, DC: Inequality Data At-a-Glance


HIV/AIDS in the Nation’s Capital

A report card of Washington, D.C.’s response to HIV/AIDS covering topics like leadership and partnerships, surveillance, treatment and care, and public education.


Left Behind: DC’s Economic Recovery Is Not Reaching All Residents

A data analysis highlighting the effect of the U.S. economic recovery on low-wage workers in Washington, D.C.

FBC-Budget-Report-FY16MWe are all DC: FY 2016 Budget Recommendations

A proposal showing FY 2016 Washington, D.C., budget recommendations from the DC Fair Budget Coalition.

Economic-Clouds-Persist-Despite-Drop-in-UnemploymentEconomic Clouds Persist Despite Drop in Unemployment

A blog post about low-wage workers and unemployment in Maryland.

Vital for Prosperity: Virginia Immigrant Workers in Our Economy

A report focused on the challenges and opportunities that immigrant workers face in Virginia.

6-20-14-bursting_the_bubble_2014Bursting the Bubble: The Challenges of Working and Living in the National Capital Region

A report detailing income inequality in the Washington, D.C., region from 2007 – 2012.

gcyf_insight_fall_2015Grantmakers for Children, Youth, and Families Insight

The Fall 2015 edition of a newsletter that discusses poverty and inequality in the United States.

How are Income and Wealth Linked to Health and Longevity?

How Are Income and Wealth Linked to Health and Longevity?

A data brief discussing the relationship between health and income.

RWAThe Racial Wealth Gap: Why Policy Matters

A report discussing how homeownership, education and labor markets contribute to the racial wealth gap in the United States.

policylink_reportEconomic Inclusion: Advancing an Equity-Driven Growth Model

An academic paper describing ways that policymakers and business leaders can promote economic inclusion when creating new jobs.

WKKF-Business-Case-for-Racial-EquityThe Business Case for Racial Equity

A report highlighting the positive benefits to businesses when they hire minority workers.


Maryland Medicaid Consumer Stories

Maryland Celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its Medicaid program.CHF supported the production of a video which featured consumers who have benefitted from the program.

I Am: The Strength, Value, and Resilience of TANF Families

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families recipients in Washington, DC advocated for reforming the program, extending support to low-income families and providing opportunities for their children to have a healthy life. CHF funded this video of families whose lives have been impacted by the TANF program.

Unnatural Causes

Watch video clips from a documentary about health inequality across the United States.

Race-Power-of-an-IllusionRace: The Power of an Illusion

A PBS series about common misconceptions people have about racial differences.