2014 Grants


CASA of Maryland

To organize low-income, immigrant workers and their families, secure employment for low-income workers, and advocate for workers’ rights.

Commonwealth Institute for Fiscal Analysis

To provide general operating support.

DC Appleseed Center for Law and Justice

To advocate for and monitor the implementation of key reforms related to the CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield Reform Project.

DC Coalition on Long Term Care/IONA Senior Services

To advocate for higher wages, better benefits, and workforce development opportunities for home health aides.

DC Employment Justice Center

To provide general operating support.

DC Fiscal Policy Institute/Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

To provide general operating support.

DC Hunger Solutions/Food Research and Action Center

To provide general operating support.

DC Primary Care Association

To advocate for payment reform that would align with improvements in population health and reduction in health costs.

Fair Budget Coalition

To advocate for budget and public policies that address poverty and human needs in the District of Columbia.

Grantmakers in Health

To support the GIH Health Reform Resource Center Fund.

Greater Washington Workforce Development Collaborative/Community Foundation for the National Capital Region

To support a funding partnership that will work to strengthen regional education and skills training systems in health care, with the goal of moving low-income adults into sustainable employment.

Institute for Public Health Innovation

To support the Center for the Community Health Workforce, which will work to ensure Community Health Workers are integrated in the public health and health care systems.

Jews United for Justice

To advocate for a paid family leave policy in the District of Columbia.

La Clinica del Pueblo

To advocate for health equity for the Latino and other immigrant communities in the Washington, DC region.

Legal Aid Justice Center

To advocate for the rights of low-income immigrant workers and organize workers and their communities.

Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia

To protect the rights of low-income DC residents and ensure access to health care, unemployment insurance, and other essential benefits.

Maryland Center on Economic Policy

To provide general operating support.

Maryland Citizens Health Initiative

To advocate for consumer rights in the implementation of Maryland’s all payer hospital payment system.

Maryland Hunger Solutions/Food Research and Action Center

To provide general operating support.

Organizing Neighborhood Equity DC

To support the planning and formation of the Black Worker Center, which will advocate for workers’ rights, living wage jobs, and public policies that provide employment opportunities.

Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County

$35,000 to implement the Triple Aim concept which will improve population health and patient experience, reduce health care costs, and address the factors that affect the health of patients and $5,000 to identify the best approach to establish an integrated enrollment system for health and social service programs through Montgomery Cares.

Public Justice Center

To educate and advocate for policies that protect the rights of low-income workers and expand access to health care and other public benefits.

Restaurant Opportunities Center – DC

To provide general operating support.

Small Business Majority

To advocate for health care reform implementation in Virginia by engaging the small business community.

Virginia Coalition of Latino Organizations

To advocate for health care reform implementation in Virginia by organizing and engaging the Latino community and other immigrant organizations.

Virginia Consumer Voices for Healthcare

To advocate for health care reform implementation in Virginia by organizing and engaging patients, community organizations, labor, small businesses, and other advocacy groups.

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy

To advocate for health care reform implementation in Virginia by engaging the faith-based community.

Voices for Virginia’s Children

To support its joint work with the Virginia Oral Health Coalition to educate the public and advocate with policymakers on the importance of the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Washington AIDS Partnership

To support the HIV/AIDS Sector Evolution strategies, which include convenings and trainings, grantmaking, and advocacy.

Washington AIDS Partnership
$70,000 ($35,000 per year for two years)

To support the Positive Pathways program, which is an intervention that is providing medical care for African-American women living with HIV/AIDS using a network of trained peer Community Health Workers.

Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

$7,500 to support the Healthy Communities Working Group and $5,000 to the Washington Regional Food Funders, which are regional collaboratives of health and food system funders.

Innovations/Special Projects

Bread for the City

To advance its racial equity work and engage the DC community in addressing racism and racial disparities.

Empowered Women International

To assist low-income, immigrant, and refugee women to develop small businesses and raise awareness about their contributions to their families and communities.

Impact Silver Spring

To develop an inclusive local economy which will help low-income communities and communities of color generate income and wealth.

Safe Places for Advancement of Community & Equity

To support the racial equity program that seeks to enhance opportunities for African Americans, immigrants, and youth of color and reduce or eliminate the impact of implicit bias in public policies.

Washington Interfaith Network

To support its joint work with Action in Montgomery and Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement to raise awareness about racial equity in the Washington, DC region and strengthen cross-racial community organizing and policy advocacy work.