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Dr. Yanique Redwood

Game Changer: The Blog of the Consumer Health Foundation

A blog dedicated to ideas, public policies, and the work of our non-profit partners that are game changing.

— by Dr. Yanique Redwood, President and CEO

Work and Health

15 August 2014

I am grateful to have met Bruno Avila. He is a restaurant worker who recently visited with members of our Board of Trustees to share reflections on the link between health and the low-wage work environment. Sitting around a conference room table, wearing headsets to ensure our understanding of Mr. Avila’s story as he speaks Spanish, we listened as he started with wage theft and the heavy toll it exacted on his family.

Circle of Human Concern

21 April 2014

The Consumer Health Foundation hosted its annual meeting last month on the topic of implicit bias. The audience of 150 grantee, foundation, and other partners were treated to dynamic talks by john powell (Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society), Carlee Beth Hawkins (Project Implicit), and Brian Smedley (The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies). There was so much that was interesting, but it was this statement by john powell that keeps me up at night and gets me up every morning: “We cannot create good public policy for people outside of the circle of human concern.”

The Danger of a Single Story

18 March 2014

In a previous blog, I recounted a conversation on a recent flight concerning the Foundation’s interest in investing in low-income communities of color. This resulted in my seatmate expressing immediate concern about crime. In response to that blog, I received a generally supportive comment from a reader who pointed out that crime should be a legitimate issue of concern. I agreed with her but offered a counterpoint: Crime is not the only story, nor do I believe it is the primary one.

Short Cuts

4 March 2014

I sat next to a nice enough man on a recent flight. He described himself as former military, a hunter, a farmer, a father of three, and a hockey and lacrosse fan. He is also white. I honestly didn’t think that we have anything in common, but I ventured into a conversation with him because I was curious about his farming background. CHF is working with other foundation on two farm-related/economic development intiatives, and I thought I could learn something from his experience.

Continuity and Change

20 December 2013

It’s been some time since I have written a blog post, and it’s primarily due to the fact that I have been diligently working with our Board of Trustees and staff to wrap up our strategic planning process. We began this journey last year to answer some important questions about the Foundation’s future. I am happy to report that with the help of Foundation colleagues,  grantee partners, community members and others engaged in our work, we have created a strategic plan for the next three years that embodies both continuity and change.

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