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Dr. Yanique Redwood

Game Changer: The Blog of the Consumer Health Foundation

A blog dedicated to ideas, public policies, and the work of our non-profit partners that are game changing.

— by Dr. Yanique Redwood, President and CEO

Transform Communities by Spending in Them

15 September 2015

I came back from the Labor Day holiday to a freshly painted office suite. Over that long weekend, painters from a local business called The Family Painting had spent their weekend providing valuable labor to the Foundation.  This is significant because The Family Painting is owned by four brothers who migrated from Guatemala who have been working hard to get their business off the ground. I met them at a listening session that the Foundation organized in partnership with one of its grantee partners Impact Silver Spring (we also met with ONE DC’s Black Worker Center, the D.C. Co-op Coalition, Empowered Women International and the Small Business Majority). We were there to learn about the opportunities and barriers facing Impact’s circles of entrepreneurs in sectors such as food, child care and construction. This is part of an effort by the Foundation to expand our economic justice work to include support for policies and regulations that allow small locally owned businesses to thrive.

The House that Racism Built

6 July 2015

Consumer Health Foundation’s annual meeting on June 8th featured a riveting presentation by Dr. David R. Williams, Harvard University professor of Public Health, African-American studies, and Sociology. One of his slides entitled “The House that Racism Built” is copied here for your review and consideration.

Enough Said, and a Few Caveats

29 April 2015

After reading Baltimore Orioles’ COO John Angelos’ Twitter responses to a critique of the demonstrations in Baltimore, I thought to myself, “Enough said.” As I pondered what I might write regarding the conditions that created the response we have seen to Freddie Gray’s death while in police custody, I was in such agreement with Angelos that I decided to use his comments as a springboard for this blog post. However, while I mostly agree, I do have some points that I would make to further shape his argument.

How Much Do Unmet Needs Cost Health Care? Connecting the Dots

1 April 2015

By Rajiv Bhatia

According to a recent national survey, 85% of primary care doctors say that unmet needs for food, housing, employment, and transportation contribute to poor health for their patients. These doctors recognize that they lack the time, tools, and resources to support all of their patients’ health needs and want health care systems to do more. Sadly, few health care systems measure unmet needs as risk factors in the populations they serve or take steps to address these needs.

Black Lives Matter

9 February 2015

I have been sitting on the sidelines of the debate about whether #blacklivesmatter or #alllivesmatter.  Whenever there is a discussion that requires me or anyone else to defend the humanity of black people, I refuse to participate. Do black people really want to work or not? Can black people achieve academically or not? Do our lives matter or not? Just the question alone leads me to believe that there is some doubt on both sides of the debate. Why should I have to prove my humanity? So, I simply refuse to participate in that line of questioning. And, I won’t make arguments for or against.

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